Company Profile
PAGAN PAINTS & CHEMICALS PVT. LTD . An ISO-9001 company was established in the year 1982 with a firm determination to come out with a positive solution for metal cancer, which can treat, both ferrous and non- ferrous metals against the corrosion and give smooth finish with qualitative durability.
Our philosophy is to be innovative, creative and consistent in the areas of service. We identify the customer’s requirement and provide him with cost effective customized solutions.
Accordingly, PAGAN has wide range of ECO-FRIENDLY products to meet the need of modern sophisticated and high production industries with an established clientele in recognition to our quality, reliability and performance.
PAGAN received the message of global competition and fast changing environmental conditions well in advance. And today, we have a lush green open space with well- equipped laboratories and competent staff for “Total Quality Management system” at our works, located in India’s world class infrastructural city, Gurgaon in Haryana (India), with head office in New-Delhi.
In Metal Pre-treatment chemicals, PAGAN has developed Cold Phosphating for Dip & Spray line. We are amongst the pioneers to develop Nanotechnology based metal pre-treatment process in India. This is both economical & energy saving. Moreover, we have also successfully developed, an ECO-FRIENDLY chemical for Chrome Free metal treatment.
The mission of minimizing the corrosion as a metal cancer pursued further and a paint division was established to meet the requirement of all major industries. Presently our Industrial & Decorative Paints are friendlier to human beings and environment, under the brand name of Ganpa Paints.
We care for environment. And to protect our clean, green & healthier lifestyle, we have developed technologically advanced shades in, PAGAN Powder Coatings. Moreover, in this no pollutants are released during application and curing of powder, making it more eco-friendly.
More than this, we are promoting our GREEN campaign, to spread awareness in all major industries to plant more trees & to take care of mother nature . So that its imbalances such as, global warming & high carbon emissions can be reduced.
  • Our success can be attributed to the fact that, we speak the customer’s language, understand his need and above all we take the pleasure to fulfil his expectation.
  • Our success in the areas of Metal Pre-Treatment chemicals, Powder Coatings, Industrial & Decorative Paints is largely due to our technologically advanced Research & Development Laboratories, supported & maintained by our highly qualified professionals & experienced team of intellectuals.
  • PAGAN's mission is to provide all solutions, starting from initial to final stage of product development, under “one roof”. So that time, money & energy of our customers can be saved.
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