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1. Degreasing Chemicals........ Remove Oil, Dirt & Grease.

  • PAGAN Clean (H.D.S.)- I : It is water soluble alkaline clearing powder. It effectively removes heavy to light duty grease, dirt & oil from the surface of the ferrous metals & their alloys at elevated temperature.

  • PAGAN Clean (H.D.S.) –II : These formulations are based on alkalies with Non- Caustic properties. They remove grease, oil and dirt from all metals, ferrous & non-ferrous at elevated temperature. Contain excellent property for removing Oil from Metallic Nuts & Bolts. Also provide good surface for Micro Crystalline Phosphate Coating.

  • PAGAN Clean SY : This is non-casuistic based alkali cleaning powder. It is effectively used in spray type degreaser.At elevated temperature i.e 50 60 Degree Celsius.

  • PAGAN De-Oxal 125 :Removes dirt, oil & loose particles on Aluminium Metal sheet at room temperature.

  • PAGAN –Clean AL 124: : It is non- caustic based mild alkali powder. It removes oil from aluminium dye-casting components effectively. It is used in Dip Process.

  • PAGAN Clean M.S.D. : Mainly used in industrial washing machines as spray cleaner. It is mildly alkaline powder. It removes oil, dirt and forms protective layers of anti- corrosion on the surface of the metal.

  • PAGAN Clean M.S.D.- 0225 : Liquid based spray cleaner. It is used in industrial washing machines and forms an anti- corrosion layer on metal surface after removing oil & dirt.

  • PAGAN Clean SP5:This in light acidic & non-ionic emulsifier based liquid chemical. It removes oil, dirt and forms a coating of Iron Phosphate on cast Iron & Aluminium, die-casting components. Mainly used for heavy components by "Spray" cleaning before painting.

  • PAGAN Clean ( H.D.S ) 5 It is alkali based metal cleaner, used to remove light to medium Oil, Dirt on metal surface at elevated temperature ( 65 to 75 Degree Celsius ). It prepare the surface excellently for Phosphate Coating.

  • PAGAN Clean AL 124 ( SY ) - This is Non Caustic Alkali Ionic & NonIonic surfactant cleaning Powder. It is effectively used in Spray System for Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Zinc Coated Galvanized Sheets. Its working temperature is ( 55 60 Degree Celsius ).

2. Derusting Chemicals........Remove Rust & Scales.

Theses are phosphoric acid based compounds which removes rust from all metal surfaces.

  • PAGAN Rust Solvent-20 : This rust solvent is based on phosphoric acid & other acid composition with inhibition. It is suitable for dipping processes hot/ cold and can be used for all types of mild steel components.

  • PAGAN Rust Solvent-40 : It is blended with special wetting agent & inhibitor for derusting medium to light duty rust from metal surfaces. Working temp. is 45- 55C

  • PAGAN Rust Solvent 135 : It is based on phosphoric acid with special wetting agent cum inhibitor. It contains oxidizing agent to protect steel against corrosion. Working temp. is 45- 55C.

  • PAGAN Derust SP/HI : These acidic formulations are strong & blended with inhibitors. They effectively remove heavy rust & scales at room / elevated temperature.

  • PAGAN Rust Solvent 225 : It is phosphoric acid based chemical blended with water soluble solvents with inhibitors. It is used at room temperature and convert the steel surface in to iron phosphate after removing light rust, and also prepare the surfaces for Phosphating.

3. Activation Compounds........Activates Metallic Surface.

It is a blend of slightly alkaline titanium/ oxidizing compounds & activates steel surfaces and accelerates formulation of zinc-phosphate coating.

  • PAGAN SCC : It is a mild alkaline compound, helps in formulating fine compact & micro crystalline zinc phosphate coating at minimum time period.

4. Phosphate Coatings........Provide smooth protective phosphate coating shield.

  • PAGAN DSW : This formulation is based on phosphoric acid, emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors and Water soluble solvent. Mostly used in room temperature. It gives a protective layer of iron phosphate on metal surfaces after removing light oil & rust.

  • PAGAN Coat Zn (501) : It is used in hot phosphating process and gives a light, smooth & microcrystalline calcium and zinc- phosphate coating at working temperature of 65C- 75C.

  • PAGAN Coat Zn (502) : This chemical gives a medium to heavy weight zinc- phosphate coating suitable for treatment in immersion system.

  • PAGAN Coat Zn (503) : This di-cationic phosphating chemical give slight to medium zinc phosphate coating at working temperature of 60C.

  • PAGAN Coat (505) S : This is a tri-cationic complex spray phosphating chemical nickel modified. It yields a fine, micro crystalline, compact and dense zinc-phosphate coating with use of pre-spray rinse surface activator. Its working temperature is (45C +/- 5 C).

  • PAGAN Coat (509) M : It is tetra-cation complex chemical for hot phosphating process at working temperature of 50 to 60C. With use of pre- spray rinse surface activator, it gives a complex cation micro-crystalline Phosphate coating.

  • PAGAN Coat (511) N : This tri-cation & nickle modified phosphating chemical gives light and smooth micro-crystalline coating and can be used in both dip as well as in spray processes.

  • PAGAN Coat (515) S : It is used in spray phosphating for galvanized sheets at low temperature with Pre surface Activation Rinse.

  • PAGAN Coat Zn(529)E : It is a Tri-Cation Phosphate coating for Zinc Galvanize surface used by SPRAY & DIP Process at a temperature of 40 to 50C.

  • PAGAN Coat ZNC : This formulation is used in cold phosphating- dip process gives light to medium compact & micro- crystalline coatings on ferrous metals.

  • PAGAN Toner : It is liquid based on alkali- oxidised chemical used in hot as well as cold phosphating process.

  • PAGAN Activators P5 : It is a liquid based on alkali- oxidised chemical used in hot as well as cold phosphating process.

5. Passivation........Provide special cover to phosphate coating.

These are Tri Valent & Hexavalent Chromium based rinses which improve corrosion resistance properties of metal & are used after Phosphating.

6. Corrosion Resistant Coatings........For Wires & Tubular Components.

  • PAGAN Coat MN (U) : It is used in dip process & provides heavy manganese-iron phosphate coating at working temperature of 80 C.

  • WIRE DRAWING : The conversion coatings are available for drawing Mild- steel, Alloy Steel and Carbon steel wire and yields an effective zinc- phosphate coating.

  • PAGAN Coat WD 110 : Provides medium to light zinc- phosphate coating at appropriate temperature.

  • PAGAN Coat WD 220 : Gives heavy zinc- phosphate coating.

  • PAGAN Coat WID 330 : Provides fine zinc-phosphate coating and moreover, it is self-accelerated.
  • TUBE DRAWING : The Conversion coatings are available for drawing Mild steel, Alloy steel & Carbon steel tubes and provide an effective zinc-phosphate coating.

  • PAGAN Coat 450 : This zinc-phosphate coating is externally accelerated.

  • PAGAN Coat 550 : Provides good zinc-phosphate coating and it is self- accelerated.

7. Rust Preventive Oils........Oil For Rust Prevention

  • PAGAN Rust N.D. : A non- drying colourless rest preventive oil.

  • PAGAN Rustex D.T. : A drying type rust preventive oil with colourless finish.

8. Blackening Chemicals........Provide Good Looking Black Protective Coatings

  • PAGAN Ferro Blackening Salt : It is a powdered oxidizing compound that provides fine black rust proof coating on the ferrous components like automobile parts, machinery spare parts, tools, bolts, nuts, fasteners etc.

9. Paint Stripper........Remove Paint/ Powder Coatings.

These chemicals remove liquid/ powdered paints without harming the metal.

  • PAGAN Paint Stripper L.P.P. : Effectively remove the liquid paint.

  • PAGAN Paint Strip per L.P.C. : Remove powder paint Coat from ferrous as well as non-ferrous components.

  • PAGAN Paint Stripper SP: : It is a low cost paint stripping chemical, acidic in nature. It effectively removes liquid/ powder paints.

10. Heat Treatment Salts........For Desired Treatment.

  • PAGAN Tempering Salt (TS 150& TS 200C) : These salts are used for tempering on spring steel.

  • PAGAN Steel Hardening Salts (660 & 960C) : These salts are used for hardening of steel.

11. Paint Booth Additive........Avoid Choking of Booths by Clogging Unwanted Paint.

  • PAGAN PBR-850 : It is a paint sequestering agent for spray painting booths. It is highly effective for clogging the paint and avoid chocking of the booth.
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