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1. Low Sludge Technology.

Pagan Coat Zn - 529

Our aim is to provide latest Eco-Friendly Technological Solutions to Industries. Moreover, Pagan Coat 529 is a Tri Cation in Spray Phosphating Chemical, and forms Micro Crystalline dense Phosphate Coating. Moreover, it also exhibits unique qualities like High Efficiency, Excellent Performance, Uniform coating, suitable Coverage area & reduced Industrial Sludge. Thus, reducing the Waste Treatment cost.

2. Energy Conservation Technology.

Pagan Coat Zn - 213

From the series of High Efficiency Cold Phosphate Coatings, Pagan Coat 213 is one of the latest developments that can reduce energy cost. And give excellent uniform coating at room temperature. Thus, time, money & power is saved.

3. Eco-Friendly Coatings Technology ( Without Chrome ).

Pagan Eco Transist Coating 233.

Its is a Chrome free transist Coating based on special chemical formulation to provide micro fine transist & Corrosion resistant Coating on Aluminium & Die Casting.


An Eco-Friendly product, provide Chrome-free Colourless Coatings for aluminium & its alloys.

4. Nano Technology.

NonoCoat 111

One of our greatest achievements in Coating Technology is Nono Coat 111, which can be used in both dip & spray systems. It gives cohesive, inorganic & high density layer incorporating Nano Particles. Excellent results are assured even at room temperature.

5. Advanced Technology Coatings

Pagan Coat Zn 529 R

It is based on Tri Cation Phosphating Chemical. Gives excellent conversion coating on Zinc Coated / Galvanized surfaces at Low Temperature with minimum time span. Moreover, it is suitable for Iron, Steel Surfaces.

Pagan Coat Zn 589

It is a Zinc Nickel Magnese Phosphate Conversion Coating. Working at Low Temperature with less sludge formation, excellent adhesion with metal & also with any type of Organic Coating.

Pagan Coat 440

It is a Zinc Phosphate conversion coating on surfaces of fastner like Nuts & Bolts etc. Thus, having excellent anti-corrosion coating on metal surface.

Pagan Coat 505 S

This is a Tri Cation Complex spray phosphating chemical & Nickel modified. It yields a fine, micro crystalline, dense Zinc- Phosphate Coating which can be used as a pre-spray rinse surface activator.

6. Next Generation Technology.

Coming Soon.


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