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Frequently Asked Questions , (FAQs)
Q. Why only PAGAN Metal Pre-Treatment Chemicals for First Quality Coating ?

Answer : We are known for Consistent High Quality Provider to major Automotive & Industrial Segments. Our experience of more than 25 Years in this field & trust of World’s Largest Automotive maker speaks everything. The main function of Our Metal Pre-Treatment Chemicals is to remove Unwanted Grease, Rust & Particles etc. And more than this, it prepare the surface, ready for Over Coats like Paints, Powder Coatings and so on. Beside this, we are constantly improving our technologies making them more Eco-Friendly. Some of them are :-
  • Less Sludge FormationTechnology
  • Energy Conservation Technology.
  • Eco-Friendly Coatings (Without Chrome).
  • Nano Technology.
  • Next Generation Technology.

Q. Why only PAGAN Paints ?

Answer : Our Paints provide excellent Performance & Good Weather Resistance in most Humid & saline atmospheric conditions even at un-natural global temperatures. We are proud to offer customers our High Quality Paints in their desired Colours & Shades.

Technical Aspects : -

Technically, Overall Performance and lifespan of Coated Components depends equally On Quality of Metal Pre –Treatment Chemicals and Paint Coat. Because, Paint Coat will be a success only if the first Phosphating Chemical coat is capable of bonding metal with itself & itself with the paint coat.

Metal Pre-Treatment Chemicals play a very important role & preferred choice for Standard Quality is always PAGAN Metal Pre-Treatment Chemicals.

Q. Why only Eco-Friendly PAGAN Powder Coatings for Components ?

Answer: We offer Best Powder Coatings with, Consistent Quality & throughout Excellent Performance.
Moreover, it is a single coat, Eco-Friendly process without any wastage in applications. It also imparts good weather resistance. Successful in most tests, including High Impact Test. Furthermore, we always follow our company’s policy of world class Product, Quality & Service.

Technical Aspects : -

Technically, lifespan of any Powder Coat essentially require its metal surface should be free from Unwanted particles, rust & grease etc. Firstly, a metal surface is prepared by the help of PAGAN Metal Pre-Treatment Chemical, which give the first coat of Phosphating film. This special smooth film is capable of bonding metal with itself & itself with the over applied, Powder Coat.

Q. What PAGAN is offering for Home Segment ?

Answer :PAGAN is offering a wide range of products for Home Segment, such as Wood Coatings & Household Paints.

Wood Coatings

1. P.U ( Interior & Exterior )

  • P.U High Solid Sanding Sealer.
  • P.U Matt
  • P.U Clear
  • P.U Glossy
2. Thinners.
  • Melamine Thinner
  • Universal Thinner.
  • P.U Thinner.
3. Melamine
  • Melamine Sanding Sealer.
  • Melamine Glossy.
  • Melamine Matt.

Household Paints:-

  • Exterior Plastic Emulsion Paints ( Weather Proof )
  • Interior Paints ( Acrylic Washable Distemper/ Oil Bond Distemper)
  • Texture Paints
  • Wall Care Putty – 44

Q. Can PAGAN solve my Coatings Problem ?

Answer : Yes, please feel free to contact us for any query related to Metal Pre-Treatment Chemicals, Automotive & Industrial Paints, Powder Coatings & Decorative Paints. We wish to offer you our Technical & after Sales Support whenever required.

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