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Our Product range consists of the following : -

Wood Coatings :-

1. P U ( Interior & Exterior )

It is global quality product which is specially designed to protect wood for years. It gives World class finish to furniture. It provides Glossy film which is highly protective & resistant in nature.

  • P.U High Solid Sanding Sealer.
  • P.U Matt
  • P.U Clear.
  • P.U Glossy.

2. Thinners.

It is a perfect blend of high quality rich Solvents.

  • Melamine Thinner
  • Universal Thinner
  • P.U Thinner

3. Melamine

It gives Excellent Protective & Decorative finish on wood. Also, it is highly resistant to household & Office stains.

  • Melamine Sanding Sealer.
  • Melamine Glossy.
  • Melamine Matt

Household Paints:-

1.Exterior Plastic Emulsion Paints

Weather Proof:-
This is a water based Paint. Mainly applied over the exterior walls & gives excellent world class finish. PAGAN Weather Proof is suitable for dry or moderately humid climatic conditions.

2.Interior Plastic Emulsion Paints

Texture Paints:-
It is world’s Best seller product, which gives great finish & is highly popular also mostly preferred by families, interior decorators & Architects. Our Texture Paint provides smooth to stipple texture in Matt finish.

Acrylic Washable Distemper:-
It is specially designed for application over interior walls. And it gives excellent super smooth finish to walls.

Wall Care Putty – 44:-
PAGAN wall care putty-44 is a white cement based putty. It provides a protective base for expensive paints. It has superior water resisting properties & prevent the paint from flaking. It usually fills fine pores in the walls & ceilings and gives smooth, dry surface which is essential for paint application. It has better water resistance property, adhesive strength & durability. PAGAN wall care putty- 44 also provide better compatibility with the base plaster & forms a durable base for paints. It can be applied on both, interior & exterior walls.


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